Mr Whippy

You said you loved me and I said so too,
you said you loved me, and I thought,
“as much as a young man ever could”.

The roses are hanging
in patches of candour
petals falling into dead grass.

In amongst the bindweed snails
suck slowly across deep peat earth
and birds throw themselves at the sky

in a huge dawn chorus.

Summer’s holding hands with her lovers,
you appear and disappear, right hand
left hand, full heart.

I’m hoping for an ocean glide
blue and yellow fishes in a tropical
dimension, this second coming is slow.

Our bodies still remember, to remember to fit,
corners to hollow where they should, shy and
out of practice.

You tell me you want to hold me,
that’s the way we do it, love seeping
from our skin to dye the cream sheets pink.

Sex is something we’re not sure of,
know it’ll open a door to a place not wanted,
tie us to a future left unsaid and waiting.

I want you, falls like the rose petals into
the room and I do , but wish for no surrender.
It was the ice cream that did it, blame the ice cream.

You standing on my steps with a dripping
Mr. Whippy,
delicious in its e numbers, all consuming.


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