The Angel’s kiss

There was a war
right there,
at the tables edge
and I wasn’t winning.
I surrendered to the theme
surrendered to your thrust
at reality.
It was a war I didn’t choose
you’d bitten it from birth
and between our bites of food
I relinquished hold.
I had no idea why,
just why I wanted you
and you were seduced
by an understanding
you hadn’t yet deduced;
an insight to my core
the light that makes me whole
it was a literacy of souls
a tenderness of minds
that spun us together
and I relinquished hold
of anything that bound
wanted only then and there
to hold you to my breast
and listen to the sound
of our enamoured breaths.
I think it is your war
you’ve bitten it from birth
and I was like an outsider
watching at a wedding
wondering who would let me in.
Your cruelty was curved
you hold it as your truth
and I filtered through your words
wanting only you.
Now I’m lying here alone
wind chimes ringing in my ear
reminding me of mountain pass
the place I call my home
and you’re lying in her arms
listening to her tears
stroking back her hair
and thinking of me.

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