All night
planets glow like
cat’s eyes,
the moon an orange
lava lamp holding up
a black sky.

If I lie
staring over rooftops
while the jumbos glide
like messages,
and you are on the other side
calling my name.

All night
I listen for your footsteps,
a rustle in a hedgerow
a face across a crowded bar
a whisper to say who
and where you are.

All night
I’m counting empty moonbeams
reaching for you in my sleep
hearing the numbers
of a grey dawn:
the numbers of infinity.

I would lie
if I said I knew
the answers, held the key,
could erase the picture in a mirror,
a hand across a table
a kiss beside a river.

All night
while the planets glow
like cat’s eyes
the moon an orange lava lamp
all night, under a black sky,
I wait.

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