Return to Bali

Returning to the same place,
hands across an ocean
eyes across a sky so wide
galaxies hide there.

We are Samurai.

You linger on the edge of nowhere
hungry for something, I have no mouth
to feed you.

Returning to the same place
we miss each other, we pass
so close we can almost touch.

Forgetting for minutes,
the Gods laugh at us.

Here, kites fly in an unfeeling sky
and a starving people leave
flowers on my doorstep.

Frangipani, pale linen gilded
purple with the sweet smell
of love.

What use are Samurai in heaven?

Nusa dua

Sea, sand, aqua,
blonde woman walking
brown skin, blue bikini,
beyond the reef surf
spins highball white.

Time, like sea
moulds cell to invisibility:
we are flaked and honed
to rounded lines, breathable.

Sea, sand, aqua,
blonde woman walking
into the sea, salted skin.
Should I sit forever in this moment,
remembering, to remember?

We are impossible lovers,
Hold impossibility?
It falls from my fingers
like sea, sand, aqua,
the blonde woman always
walking towards the reef.

Brown skinned.

Dreamland beach (Bali)

Scooter spins and twists
through afternoon traffic
fields pass like lifetimes
with the water buffalo

quietly grazing.

Sputtering past giant gates
dormant statues wave us in
through checkpoints, and I’m
half asleep with your hair

in my mouth.

We didn’t talk at all
just felt the drum and bass
of midnight beach party
knowing this was everything

and nothing.

Now sea is aqua, salt surf pounds
sand and “Dreamland” is the
only way to describe this place,
written in hippie blue

on faded wood.


Earth, stone
sand, sea,
colours of a flower
yellow, white – edged
tipped pink.
Night follows night
like the waves
undulating in my head.
I dream;
fly over fields
you follow.

We are sequinned,
limb charged, changeling.
Animal, bird, flower, fish,
throbs in our cells ;
we become light and space
invincible corpuscles
connecting sea crystal
indivisible in the storm.

I am cast off,
sub- human;
sand ,sea, shell
an island where volcano
taps cloud, and the tourists
trawl streets bargaining
life spoils.

I am stone, flower
frog, fish:
bobbing in clear water
nibbling at toes
leaping from my feet
scenting my pillow,

Between earth
and heaven,
this is the place
where dolphins dive,
beyond the spray I’m
undivided solitude.

Asking no questions.


Your eyes were the nearest to it
immense pools of darkness
I wanted to bury myself in them,

it hung in the air
like an angel’s wing brushing the room
brushing the gabbled banter
brushing us clean from here and now
and there was no sense to it
and I was addicted to your vastness.

I have leapt to reach the other side,
where here, was undefined, and now,
lingered on my tongue like sherbet

in the darkness
shrouded by incense laden shadows
through the half sleep of a truth
shallow breeze cups it
friction of hair against a cheek
the midnight air is spun with it.

Your eyes are the nearest to it
a dead sea language of lost souls
I want to drown my self in them

you hang in my breath
you shadow your own dreams
with a love that is dying
with a love never meant
with no reason to believe
in an unclear God.

Like an angel’s wing brushing an empty room
I can clearly see there is no sense to this
but your eyes are ingrained on my inner view

I have no expectation of any potent cure
for I am hopelessly addicted to your vastness.


Sea green stalks of corn break
by breeze under puffed clouds
chalk hills proclaiming thunder.

Small dog leaps, brushes butterfly
sniffs smells lodged in unmapped
brain cells, turns her head to rabbits cry
hare’s print kestrel’s whine, scurry of field mice.

We walk the ridge her and I
puppy nose twitch tail heart pumps
new life breaks around her like
nature’s kaleidoscope; all wonder.

Sea green stalks corn break
brown earth agate, stiff breeze
night flickers on edge of twilight
as we head home for tomorrow.


Not fully fledged
devoid of life’s banal battery
you rise on evening clouds
float beyond consciousness
with green flecked eyes.
Compare you to the others
smudged on my doorstep
by time’s whimpering.
It’s underwater longing
mermen glide by flipping
in fluid acquiescence.
Stroking the hungry hours till dawn
wondering if boredom rides
on the next crested wave,
wiping dry the saltings
left by your pleasant desire.
No urgency in the air
genuflection: smoothness:
pale skin whirled into knotted tangles.
Life parodies itself
throws up smokescreen to confuse
nowhere to hide in the deep sea shuffle
of remembered dreams
nights when I replay throbbed tunes.
Gentleness rises in foam bubbles
for once I am bemused
cast adrift in soullessness.
Paper angels cartwheel, disintegrate
are flushed in day to day occurrence
as I ask myself what is the use
of easy love?

Two bloods

We are two bloods
our history pounds from ancient sources
two hearts alight with fire of tribal memory:
here my finger touches life in the pocket of an arm crease
there I watch the heat of once known glance
and voice song wells from our adopted families as words fail.

There is no question
that somehow somewhere we were meant to be,
you were searching for a star, a brilliance to extend your days
I for once was dream caught, channelled through sea shells
Tibetan corals amethyst, swallowed whole in wind’s throat.
reliving ride of Unicorn through distant mountains.

I have golden eagles in my brain
wheeling eerily beneath an August moon
their cry fills my ears with well known longing
until I turn and see; we are two bloods
spawned from ancient rivers, dying only to return
and flow once more in unison.

Adrian’s poem

Orchard Cottage.


I didn’t know that you were,
solid green with shades of cowslip in between,
grey stones plied from river bed, three razors
immaculately left for bleeding, on a bleached basin.
Your garden’s styled on Hampton Court,
small pared trees and iris peeling back the glove
of winter soil. I’m stung by the eloquence of intimate
detail. I can hear the drips from open wounds and
stripped pine bares the scars of stolen lovers.



The morning walks softly around here,
creeping from the marsh to stroke
the yellow window panes. Your cottage nestles
like a warm thumb against its other digits, a calm row
of being, stacked up against the new road where
the traffic barges. I’ve only glimpsed bits of you
before, but now the puzzle forms a thin veneer
of totems to a past. Long lazy summers of freshly
courted lemonade, sticky to the tongue, with a tart
after taste: like love.



Tell me when you’re coming
so I can sweep the leaves from my door;
Autumn’s gold cascade has left
a taste of melancholy on my lips
outside the garden sheds its yearly pride
and pear tree’s bone branches point
their fingers to eternity.

Tell me when you’re coming
so I can paint bright shadows to seduce,
reminisce my summer smiles, tie a knot in
spring’s synopsis of youth, amalgamate last
winter’s snow-capped thawing,
wash this city’s pale tiara
face fallen wishes trampled underfoot.

Turn my thoughts from vestiges of decay
so we can stare into a bright night of stars
unchain Andromeda from her rock
tune into the language of the spheres,
remember spirit’s brought us to this place
and silence is the only gap I can’t cross
to bring me to you.