Two bloods

We are two bloods
our history pounds from ancient sources
two hearts alight with fire of tribal memory:
here my finger touches life in the pocket of an arm crease
there I watch the heat of once known glance
and voice song wells from our adopted families as words fail.

There is no question
that somehow somewhere we were meant to be,
you were searching for a star, a brilliance to extend your days
I for once was dream caught, channelled through sea shells
Tibetan corals amethyst, swallowed whole in wind’s throat.
reliving ride of Unicorn through distant mountains.

I have golden eagles in my brain
wheeling eerily beneath an August moon
their cry fills my ears with well known longing
until I turn and see; we are two bloods
spawned from ancient rivers, dying only to return
and flow once more in unison.

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