Not fully fledged
devoid of life’s banal battery
you rise on evening clouds
float beyond consciousness
with green flecked eyes.
Compare you to the others
smudged on my doorstep
by time’s whimpering.
It’s underwater longing
mermen glide by flipping
in fluid acquiescence.
Stroking the hungry hours till dawn
wondering if boredom rides
on the next crested wave,
wiping dry the saltings
left by your pleasant desire.
No urgency in the air
genuflection: smoothness:
pale skin whirled into knotted tangles.
Life parodies itself
throws up smokescreen to confuse
nowhere to hide in the deep sea shuffle
of remembered dreams
nights when I replay throbbed tunes.
Gentleness rises in foam bubbles
for once I am bemused
cast adrift in soullessness.
Paper angels cartwheel, disintegrate
are flushed in day to day occurrence
as I ask myself what is the use
of easy love?

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