Your eyes were the nearest to it
immense pools of darkness
I wanted to bury myself in them,

it hung in the air
like an angel’s wing brushing the room
brushing the gabbled banter
brushing us clean from here and now
and there was no sense to it
and I was addicted to your vastness.

I have leapt to reach the other side,
where here, was undefined, and now,
lingered on my tongue like sherbet

in the darkness
shrouded by incense laden shadows
through the half sleep of a truth
shallow breeze cups it
friction of hair against a cheek
the midnight air is spun with it.

Your eyes are the nearest to it
a dead sea language of lost souls
I want to drown my self in them

you hang in my breath
you shadow your own dreams
with a love that is dying
with a love never meant
with no reason to believe
in an unclear God.

Like an angel’s wing brushing an empty room
I can clearly see there is no sense to this
but your eyes are ingrained on my inner view

I have no expectation of any potent cure
for I am hopelessly addicted to your vastness.

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