Earth, stone
sand, sea,
colours of a flower
yellow, white – edged
tipped pink.
Night follows night
like the waves
undulating in my head.
I dream;
fly over fields
you follow.

We are sequinned,
limb charged, changeling.
Animal, bird, flower, fish,
throbs in our cells ;
we become light and space
invincible corpuscles
connecting sea crystal
indivisible in the storm.

I am cast off,
sub- human;
sand ,sea, shell
an island where volcano
taps cloud, and the tourists
trawl streets bargaining
life spoils.

I am stone, flower
frog, fish:
bobbing in clear water
nibbling at toes
leaping from my feet
scenting my pillow,

Between earth
and heaven,
this is the place
where dolphins dive,
beyond the spray Iā€™m
undivided solitude.

Asking no questions.


5 thoughts on “Bali

  1. John Smallshaw says:

    Some of our best poets appear to be female it doesn’t suprise me it just makes me jealous.Great piece but I will have to read it a few times I think.There is so much going on in it.Regards j.

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