Earth, stone
sand, sea,
colours of a flower
yellow, white – edged
tipped pink.
Night follows night
like the waves
undulating in my head.
I dream;
fly over fields
you follow.

We are sequinned,
limb charged, changeling.
Animal, bird, flower, fish,
throbs in our cells ;
we become light and space
invincible corpuscles
connecting sea crystal
indivisible in the storm.

I am cast off,
sub- human;
sand ,sea, shell
an island where volcano
taps cloud, and the tourists
trawl streets bargaining
life spoils.

I am stone, flower
frog, fish:
bobbing in clear water
nibbling at toes
leaping from my feet
scenting my pillow,

Between earth
and heaven,
this is the place
where dolphins dive,
beyond the spray I’m
undivided solitude.

Asking no questions.

5 thoughts on “Bali

  1. John Smallshaw says:

    Some of our best poets appear to be female it doesn’t suprise me it just makes me jealous.Great piece but I will have to read it a few times I think.There is so much going on in it.Regards j.

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