Apple light

You’re at the corner of my night screams
drifting from ephemeral sleep
spun sugar tongue cherishes
easing into bedroom murmurs.

Years pass like confetti, whimsical uncountable,
fading in the after wedding rain
words curse, enrapture dignify dilemma
meaning forgotten in the aftermath

Fractures fractal into coloured mirror
deflect a moving face, once known now bemoaned
and materialism sticks like dirt in vacant pocket
grubby under bitten nails.

Where are you in the sticky sleep of silent mornings
just out of sight of body’s cravings, sublime uncreated
a throbbing amputated limb forsaken in the jostling of necessity.

Reality creates it’s own eggshell
we paint with Easter colours
blood hues contused with children’s gold
solid till it cracks exposing sapient tissue.

I’m hypnotised in Universe’s cradle
where the inevitable climaxes with unforgiving waves
corroding inner strata, carving tumuli to smoothed brow.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s brand of humour?
Harsh apple light illuminating characters confusion
till the “Whole” is formed from hidden fragments:

we turn the last time and in that blinding flashlight
dissolve, dismember, yes face to face with one forever
in that luminescent moment we will at last forget to yearn .

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