I love you

I love you

like spring flowers love the rain

raise their tousled heads
to drink water from the Gods.

Grass sprouts imperceptibly
day by day and the lilies

play their swinging tune
beneath wind’s breath.

I love you

like the sun returns each day
to give us light to see

and I love you just the way
a dog will turn his head to hear beloved feet.

I love you

when I ‘m angry I love you
when I’m sad, here or across infinity

you’re the rhythm in my feet
the waves that stroke the beach

each and all of these.

I love you

in the thunder , the stinging of ice’d hail
I loved you before I knew you,

between the curtains of dark sleep
your name echoes to remind me

that I love you

each and every night.

5 thoughts on “I love you

  1. Stephen Tracy says:

    first it was just your upper back and profile,
    then the Arabian stallion,
    now it’s your poems,
    opening like an advent calendar
    what a voice
    what a beauty
    i have fallen in love
    instantly, completely

  2. Stephen Tracy says:

    I was a horseshoer once. And I had an Arabian, named Sultan, a bay, given to me as a wedding present. I think I also got a goat as a wedding present. A nubian named Willomena Waddles. We had two goats, and they slept on the roof. The other was named Nijinsky. Then, there was the rooster named Tilt. And how he came back from the dead. But that was a long time ago.

    I like that I can still fall in love with a back. Your back.

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