Green Park

Piccadilly out
onto the park
tourists glare
coffee burns
the man from nowhere

Up there
Trafalgar Square
lovers loiter as
lovers do, and you
are beyond cloud
above call beneath heaven.

I’m not alone
there’s that pull
in the gut
the vague apprehension
that something’s
been forgotten

Amputated limb,
lost shoe
crying child,
all of these
are easier to comfort
than my stolen heart.

Urban myth

I was lost my love, hidden from myself
released from the necessity to breathe
scattered with broken promises
adrift in the vast emptiness of being

You are a force of nature
an immense cauldron of intention
concentrated quicksilver reflects
the light and dark of you

back to back your own twin.

I was lost my love, lost from myself
dizzy from a cocktail of anarchy
scattered with broken endings
adrift in the vast emptiness of being

Now love glitters like a first night stage
I find myself illuminated in a stranger’s eye
you come to me like Orpheus came for Eurydice
forcing a pathway through the stars
with the murmur of an Angel’s whisper

on the wings of an interstellar breeze.

Monsoon (Barbados)

Black clouds
water spouts
rain only on my umbrella.

Monkey’s stir
window watch;
sun seeps between pores

under the skin of my dreams.

Pirate ship, skeleton coral
zip of jet skis
the men flirt lazily.

A rainbow solidifies
our nights apart
out there the turtles heave

water on leather skin
gliding to the musical sea
diving into deep

aqua phosphorescence.

Tradewinds (Barbados)

It rained all night,
as if it would
wash the house away

down the gully to the sea.

Soon the bats couldn’t fly,
wings water logged
and the cup shaped palms

held up their leaves in joy.

Early morning trade winds,
jungle talks to itself
monkey’s spin along the fence.

Somewhere out beyond the reef,
is dreary London, I don’t miss it
could settle down with a dread locked beauty

do nothing on a sun flecked beach.

White parrots fly in
cumbersome in the uplift
poisoned trees along the shore

Pina colada on a darkened sea
the epiphany of solitude speaks;

and for once I listen.


Imagine this moment,
you and I our faces leaning
into each other,

the curve of your arm resting my head.

Imagine this moment,
when our breath falls away
my heart batters,

with the fading of passion.

The clarity of youth
flickers at the corner of your lips
and it has never felt,

so good to be loved before.

Imagine this moment,
hung like a Monet
in the world’s galleries

where the daily throng come, to stare at love.

Imagine this moment,
when you are far away
and I can’t hear your voice

or touch your face.

Imagine this moment,
and know that I love you.

Skeleton shore ( Barbados)

You are soothing, soft hearted,
unbroken wind chime symphony
of dark skin, gun metal skin.

So near you are breathing me in:
the swell of this skeleton shore
glass bottomed boat, rum punch high

on the polo field……..

where the whites drink champagne
slide pitch perfect with the sugar
of black pride.

You are soft sealed symphony
of life, of love……black clouds hide
rain, rain in my heart soothed

by the drumming of the tide.

So many seas under the thunder
of yesterday: single sail, long legs rest
oblique in the sand

butterflies in my mind, the bones
of dead reef drifting; you seep under the skin
of my dreams……to comfort me.

Wasp’s sting

Last of the summer skies
trick us into repose
sleepy wasps sting indeterminately
leaves fall like ash clouds
covering everything.

Summer waves goodbye
I murmur images
try to describe a life in random phrase
moon bays governments topple
teeth drawn knives sharpened.

Here in England’s fallow fields
husk of corn scrapes stony ground
sky high and wide with summer song
autumn glowers from over the wall
and we pretend nothing’s happened.