Imagine this moment,
you and I our faces leaning
into each other,

the curve of your arm resting my head.

Imagine this moment,
when our breath falls away
my heart batters,

with the fading of passion.

The clarity of youth
flickers at the corner of your lips
and it has never felt,

so good to be loved before.

Imagine this moment,
hung like a Monet
in the world’s galleries

where the daily throng come, to stare at love.

Imagine this moment,
when you are far away
and I can’t hear your voice

or touch your face.

Imagine this moment,
and know that I love you.

3 thoughts on “Imagine

    • Victoria Mosley says:

      Hello, I hadn’t heard the John Siddque poem , but I have now.maybe its the difference between what women and men imagine :-). But mine is such a love poem and his is so political .You always come up with thought provoking comments thank you x

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