Ten to the power of 250 million.

Listen to the sweet deep smell of you,
skinned through my window
grey cacophany of in flight entertainment
last longings of sun bronzed seekers
forty thousand feet above us,

mind configures stark landscapes
where toned Gods patrol outer limits
harangued by paper dragons.

Hunger spans newspaper headlines
time speeds up beyond relativity
mathematical impossibilities deny evolution
ten to the power of two hundred and fifty million
may mean there is a meaning.

You sleep cocoon’d in African logic
buttoned down for inevitability
the catcher has brought no dream variations ,
amethyst dulled by an English morning,
Californian fingers woven into the thread
a distant voice is remembered in the sharing.

Youth aches to fasten it’s claws to my shoulder
tattoo’s a beat to seduce blood
blindly demands acceptance
leaves magenta stains on the whiteness of the night
as I turn to watch dawn gyrate
with it’s Alpha tones.

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