Your face

Now I know your face in love,
it’s brightness
deep unearthly glow of stars;
yes I know your face
in love, my love,
but I will never know
the way you look at her
run your fingers through
her hair, stroke her skin
in just that place with infinite
power of gentleness
all this; I will never know,

because I let you go.

I know your eyes at night
gleaming dark across a table
the way our hands can match
the swinging symmetry of our stride,
a Venus night;
but I will never know,
the words you whisper in her ear
the curve of you in ecstasy
for we were never meant to be

and so I let you go.

Yes I know your face
in love, my love:
have traced a finger along line of jaw
have kissed in all those secret spots
an elbow bent,the back of knee
have kissed your eyes in sleep.
But you’re far from me in dream;
it’s sand through fingers,hope through sieve
it’s all of those unmentionable things:
yet here I’ve come to brighter days
a crossroads where I turn away
for you will never look at me

and so I’ll let you be.

5 thoughts on “Your face

  1. Les says:

    You have a way of writing about romantic love without falling into too much sweetness, I love that nuance in this poem. It feels real and alive but not melodramatic. A very fine poem.

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