I fell for you,
like seed that seeks
earth’s moisture ;
I opened wide the tide of love
dammed these hungry years
in quiet backwater,
and I lit you with a flame
that singed your name
across sky’s screen,
but still you ran from me.

Your inbox is piled high
with silver sheeted sonnets,
illuminated verse that sings
with Eros’s curse of bright obsession,
I offered you my soul
to heal the blows that life had dealt you ,
and I feel you tried to glide the lucid ride
of ice through love’s volcano;

but the starkness of this light
plunged you deep into the night
of your transgressions .

I fell for you
like tournesol that follows sun
from dawn to dusk across sky’s meadow,
I opened wide this heart that’d died
from years in musty closets,
my body’s song rung beneath desire’s
hot tumbling tresses,
and should it only happen once
conuinctio of sun and moon
stirred with the breath of heaven ,

you’ll always stay sharp memory
the first and last expression ,
that primal key
which lifted me
gave me back my potency
with your clean and clear cut treasure ;
of how love should be .

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