Silent salamander sliding
dry from stony bed
elongated liquid shadow
blackened image gliding
phantom flowing
in my head;
capturing your litheness
with a swift flick of my pen.

Evaporating sunset
killing dreams of how we’ve been
time becomes inherent,
seeping seamless in the sunken lane
silk screen faces blazing in the moment
sing the young child’s lullaby
replays constant in his heart
the hour before he dies.

I’m searching in the sacred temples
pledged to sleep, ratifying secrets
as the moon snake holds the world to ransom
slays it for a woman’s salty sighs.

Sun burns flesh
voracious in its quest for heat;
black blood pounds in ears
confined long years to duty
imbibes the salamander’s immobile sight
open before the heavy breath of you or I
trailed meaning where there is only being

the feeling of a slender shadow
skimming lightly through my mind.

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