Daddy’s girl

Can I catch the light?

Striated pine needles, singing of pure voices
swathes of distant childhood
sand strewn on raw beaches.

Something missing in this bright blue gem of sea
your hand across the darkness
father, brother, lost for ever.

Yes I kissed you as you passed into
these foreign well known places
where I torch the tide that sweeps your ashes:

cold blue, clean blue
the innocence of time
quiet revolutions
grief curled in crimsom sunset
breath I can’t forget curling somatic sleep
this spirit striving to be human.

Missed moments spun in sticky web
pride, principal,
empty words that ripped the promise,
the life you lost.

Touch the sand for you
stroke my lover’s side for you
cry the vanished tears
silent scream searching always for the truth.

Clear cut obsession
masking the here and now with past mistakes,

till I forget again to breathe
and we coelesce.

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