Cherry blossom answer

Cherry blossom floats like snow
on the cold wind of another spring
weeks dissolve to years while you
keep waiting for that something.

Love in your eyes masks the fear
in your head; balance your heart
on the vagaries of spring ; sun
blazes ephemeral then it’s gone.

Leaving cherry blossom falling
floating like snow; carpeting
the tarmac while you have to decide
whether to live this life.

2 thoughts on “Cherry blossom answer

  1. Rehan says:

    How absolutely beautiful:

    weeks dissolve to years while you
    keep waiting for that something.

    Was reading something I wrote in ’99 about being ‘aloof … really getting nowhere’ and thought how that still held true. I had to return to poems from Recital: An Almanac by John Siddique some days ago:

    Something to do with trying to make plans
    for the year that never turn out,
    but having to make them anyway.

    ‘Having to make them’ there’s the rub!

    • Victoria Mosley says:

      Yes was it you who said before that some of my poems remind you of John ? I’ve never read his stuff, maybe I should. I think I’m the opposite of aloof , but made a resolution this morning after dreaming of being an invisible flying wolf 🙂 No more sad love affairs for me xx

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