World in a week

Monday seems so far away
another lifetime a hidden
trail in the landscape of our past
while tomorrow edges day by day
ever nearer.

On Monday there you were again
same sweet smile and hopeless
sense of who you are what you
might be: if it wasn’t for that broken key
of you and me.

Tuesday I cried for our love couldn’t
go back to the place we had left
hold your hand pretend that it was all
the same , yes Tuesday brought me
all our pain.

On Wednesday I was over hung
the mist reflected all we’d lost
I couldn’t see the blossom’s gift
the bluebells and magnolia’s blooms
came too soon.

Thursday new love banged at my door
we played the games I’d played before
pretended that you’d never been
my going out, my coming in
earth’s sweet sin.

Now Friday’s here four days away
from kissing you from feeling safe
but I have sent you far from me
no more tears no whispered pledge
nothing to say I loved you

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