Kuala Lumpar airport

(For my Dad )

I miss you at airports
gazing into the dark
tunnel of a jumbo jet
cockpit, bracing as the
wind rushes under wings.

In that split second caught
between earth and heaven
with the jet stream bounding
under taut fuselage, then my eyes
begin to sting with the lack of you.

I miss you as the moon glares,
stale air conditioning rumbles,
that moment of landing ,when anything
is possible, and I miss you with jet lag
raising havoc in my tired veins

I missed you when the full moon
hung celestial, with the thin skinned
chit chat diving across a tropic ceiling
the dull surf pounding a mesmeric
meaning in the prayer flagged bay.

Now the air peels ice on
the bending wings, and you
being dead means, lets face it:
never, ever seeing, your brown
eyes loving me again.

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