Street soldier

You were a street soldier
a green eyed apparition
hungry for food
hungry for warmth,
you were an unknown
underground addiction
standing on tube platform
asking for reaction
to your animal understanding
of humanity’s footsteps.
You were angry for equality
couldn’t feel the cracks
beneath the pavement
spent time eroding an equation
that hurt your mind:
a child of the sun
trapped in cold climes
asking for admission
with a love that melted 6am.frost,
open arms to offer
snatched snippets of a wisdom
passed from Jewish generations
dark curls that swept cheeks
carved by angel’s hands.
You recognised potential in my smile,
could have been a con mans trick
could have been lost nights
in Babylonian Citadel
could have been desperation
as you clung to semblance of a pride.
What was my line? Vanity
believing beauty struck you;
not the jewelled fingers
or the warm fleeced winter wrappings,
or the canopy of protection I trailed.
You were a street rat
not by choice or inclination
as we unwound the layers
of thin fleshed suffering
to discover bone,
as I sent you to tomorrow
garnished with a blessing
a hope that you will find
a hand to hold that isn’t mine.

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