Cherry blossom answer

Cherry blossom floats like snow
on the cold wind of another spring
weeks dissolve to years while you
keep waiting for that something.

Love in your eyes masks the fear
in your head; balance your heart
on the vagaries of spring ; sun
blazes ephemeral then it’s gone.

Leaving cherry blossom falling
floating like snow; carpeting
the tarmac while you have to decide
whether to live this life.


You caught me at the
corner of my stride
swung off balance by
the interest in your smile
your mind fed me images
I remembered.

Youth is nowhere in the
equation: you recognised
the power of floating ;
freedom of the orchid
cherry blossom bright
song in a thrush’s breast.

I bring you offerings from afar
wrapped from a table long forgotten
aroma of night leavings
connections unbidden feeling
bought with the elegance
of two stranger’s meeting.

This spring

Blossom from my window
love on my laptop yet the past
lingers like a sour odour
in the corridors of memory.

Children easily made lay
crucified in the maze
of your illness your
subtle genius that tells us all

just how to be.

This spring brings
no news of an acquittal
only inexorable life dancing
in the stream of tomorrow

Yes, yesterday lingers
blighting all it touches
you rewrite our life in braille
I have no fingers to read you

only watch the blossom fade
hoping for warmer times.