Wrapped in woollens bird on twig, body sore from exercise,
you catch the 5.a.m. to Manchester; Virgin battle,
peeling dreams of sea creatures.

Each of us is whole, a rounded circuitry
of life, spliced together by beginnings
and endings.

We breathe the same air, carry the same scars with different
stitches.. Over dinner you listen as you’ve been taught to do, I
fire terse stories in mild flirtation, only to amuse.

Our kisses become less random, more attuned,
our bodies once aghast, now aroused by
midnight couplings

This is a grown up love born from the rattle
of laughter, a moment of tenderness where
you stroke my hand.

This is a place I want to be, not some stray boy
pawing me, but with someone who understands through
and through, that love is like water.

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