Moonrise (Bali)

Full moon in minutes rises
behind thatched roof, certifies
earth dangling from equator.

Many times I might have died
happy, but never like this,
transubstantiated by sky’s radiance.

Nuptial moon I leap to join you
across the shallow doors of everyday
I turn into heart beat: watch you climb

like Odin into the Valhalla of night.

I was born for this moment:
Buddha blowing water, flowing
into silent pool, frangipani , motionless.

This moon seizes breath: flaunted August
moon, full circle Jupiter. Cloud hides you
like a silk stocking, shrouding luminosity .

Full moon over beach café, flags falter
as surf crashes, so dark the diners stare
at empty plates. A light rain teases, palm silhouette.

Changes colour now turning grey ochre,
later pool aqua, your nose high and beaked
Lebanese, decked in palm wine and the stories fall

like rice paper.

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