Whitstable golf course

Honeysuckle slides
under glowering sky
perfume high in my senses

like Aphrodite’s smile.

Green of the green
golfer’s roll like
cardboard cut outs

Thrush and swallow
baby blue tit follows
clematis hovers

over garden fence
to garnish wood note.

Far behind the sea
slurps shades of
sinew’d blues

heralding ice cream
long summer days
on the coastal plain

breathing you in .

Beyond the beyond

Sky is God’s
across a palette
of dark galaxies
expanding to one

We could fill
the sky, with kites,
with words,
with the fire
our hearts erupt into.

Each meeting a hope
for life, for learning,
I burrow into the softness
of your skin, like a worm
alive in your darkness.

You call me lover,
you ask me to be mother,
myriad fantasies
pass back and forth
between us.

Today this sky a
curve of blue beginnings.
I take train journeys,
plane journeys, I journey
to find meaning.

Here heaven is infiltrated
people have thrown away
simplicity. Coupling in the night
we pretend to have found
each other ,but wear too many faces.

Our love is coloured lights,
our anger curved scimitar
my mind freezes this.
From my window
flowers hang like earrings.

Ask me to

empty space:
that look upon
your face, scorched
by the heat of it.
Love comes ‘n goes
like the fall of glacial
dreadlocks, high on
wilderness plateau
reduced to trickled dregs
of a dried up river bed,
‘n the words
I disowned
line up quietly
to insist a meaning.
out of sight
lost to touch
out of reach of bodies
burning: ‘n you ask me
to believe in something
locked away, illuminated
caverns of the mind
beyond reflection,
hope ‘n time
yes certainly
beyond a reason.
I sit high
‘n dry, a worn out
butterfly of life
my wings still
senses clogged
with heavy musk
‘n they batter at my door
crying out for time
while I wrestle with the imprint
of your meaning.
Love comes ‘n goes
like the fall of glacial
dreadlocks, high on
wilderness plateau
out of sight
‘n lost to touch
you ask me to believe
in something huge, to live for.

Outside the box

Four walls
small space of sky
no clouds:
four walls
a prison
in my mind
you glide through
not quite human.

Hours pinch
indent skin
to a clear horizon,
edge of days,
months go by

Four walls
small square of sky
shaking petals
behind closed doors
love flourishes
in brain cells
in body’s rhythm.

Birds fly
mind tumbles
on the wind
of the wing:
you are omnipresent
dust through my fingers
nothing touches


You arrive, we inhabit intimate spaces,
I wake, find your head beside me on the pillow,
I breathe your breath and then you disappear again,
till every moment has a meaning.
We wait for the right moment
to have the right meaning.
You stretch me out like elastic
I dread the snap of returning to myself
feel the ropes of silence tie me down again.


Ground neurone pathways
like crushed petals
like atomic fission
channels to an ecstasy
not understood
not whispered

Brain flutters a byway
there is no blue print
for this:
just hard learning through
body’s heavings.

Love is an echo
lips a skin
fingers entangled in hair
you draw me in
you draw me
you demand everything.

Ground neurone pathways
crushed petals
slimy underfoot
you make promises
promises for tomorrow
ask for today
ask for everything
promise tomorrow,
will be without this.

I have knives in my belly
mouth twitches from holding
tight the grimace
the grimace born from us

& you ask me to talk to you
talk to you,
muscles held tight from pain’s spasm
you offer everything
then draw back to ascertain,
& there are always promises for tomorrow
which should have been fulfilled yesterday.


Your eyes are still a cliché, Indian Ocean blue
slightly out of focus, whispering of the sea,
seeing nothing.

Did all the things I prophesize fall true?

Back in December when our bones froze together
and the trees outside the window snapped their
empty twigs.

Now our gardens are a heaven’s halo::
wisteria falls like mountain’s secrets,
as you untangle.

I see you walking your pinched faced daughter
and still get woken by your woman’s tantrums,
burrowing through me.

When you’re there, the wall between us radiates
your heat, but I think you never really cared
for me.

My body went on stoppage when we split,
as if the last ounce of love had left it dead
and crumbling.

I arranged my pain with copper colored youths
watched them dive into me again and again
until it proved exhausting.

Today, I saw you from the window, planted
a kiss, refelt the heat , stroked the air for
particles of guilt;

noticed nothing but the echo of your passing.

Some days

Somedays words escape
like children on mid-summer evenings
running from bedtime.

Somedays they hide in narrow
mind pockets collecting dust,
bringing strange itching

red skin eruption set to punish.

Somedays I can escape
from the words, but never
from my three year old skin.

Crazy love

When the light comes in
it burns with cadent iridescence and the sky blushes
when the bubbles burst
they kiss the crowded streets with rainbows,
when you touch me
skin smoulders seasoned woodsmoke
and when you call my name,
gypsies sing.

I’m naked in millennium’s last spring
shedding yesterdays like moulted snake coils
and my laughter calls for crazy love
tongued through late night connections
rounded by the certainty of wanting.

When the light comes in
it twists the spangled night to fireflies in your eyes
whirls the sluggish river into white water thighs,
when you hold me there’s nothing but conclusion
branded hot metal heartbeat singing possession,
salt licked aching crevices crave another dive
and we’re talking crazy love
stretching every second of our borrowed lives
until that blinding moment when there is no “I”

and the light comes in.


The rain came
beating down in sheets of gloom
soaking through the blossom’s dust
feeding shoots in loamy soil
nourishing me.

My tree is wild with febrile roots
the bluebells clamour to be heard
& birds are nesting in the leaves
they deafen me.

The rain came
& so will you I’m told
standing on the corner where
we always meet,hat pulled over
hair that’s wet

with nature’s gold.