Melting the stars

It’s been a year:
I’ve picked the scabs on long gone sores
danced night’s demented light
burnt aching skin on sun drenched shore
lost my heart just once ,but once was once too much
and yet again you’re knocking barefoot at my door
asking to be let in .

I’ve not much time to waste
before hot fever fades to cold
and another solid slab cements this fluttering breath,
I’ve too much left to say to take on board your call
and although your cave’s secluded , safe, and offers all
it only lights the way to dusty death .

It’s been a year
since wedding rings were left to fall
we’ve a hundred night’s of tears beneath our belts
if you had only once returned my animal warmth
we’d have never wrapped our heads around this mess ,

There is no blame
no treachery or hate involved
we both untied the stars and watched them melt
and now we wave from windows matched on separate streets
replete with shared belongings we both picked .

I’ve tried to lift
this sadness like a crying child
comfort where it’s needed seal the breach,
there’s no one else that walks this earth that steps like you
yet there’s nothing I can do to catch the ball we’ve thrown
and life’s a glowing meteor within my reach

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