Crazy love

When the light comes in
it burns with cadent iridescence and the sky blushes
when the bubbles burst
they kiss the crowded streets with rainbows,
when you touch me
skin smoulders seasoned woodsmoke
and when you call my name,
gypsies sing.

I’m naked in millennium’s last spring
shedding yesterdays like moulted snake coils
and my laughter calls for crazy love
tongued through late night connections
rounded by the certainty of wanting.

When the light comes in
it twists the spangled night to fireflies in your eyes
whirls the sluggish river into white water thighs,
when you hold me there’s nothing but conclusion
branded hot metal heartbeat singing possession,
salt licked aching crevices crave another dive
and we’re talking crazy love
stretching every second of our borrowed lives
until that blinding moment when there is no “I”

and the light comes in.

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