Ground neurone pathways
like crushed petals
like atomic fission
channels to an ecstasy
not understood
not whispered

Brain flutters a byway
there is no blue print
for this:
just hard learning through
body’s heavings.

Love is an echo
lips a skin
fingers entangled in hair
you draw me in
you draw me
you demand everything.

Ground neurone pathways
crushed petals
slimy underfoot
you make promises
promises for tomorrow
ask for today
ask for everything
promise tomorrow,
will be without this.

I have knives in my belly
mouth twitches from holding
tight the grimace
the grimace born from us

& you ask me to talk to you
talk to you,
muscles held tight from pain’s spasm
you offer everything
then draw back to ascertain,
& there are always promises for tomorrow
which should have been fulfilled yesterday.

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