Beyond the beyond

Sky is God’s
across a palette
of dark galaxies
expanding to one

We could fill
the sky, with kites,
with words,
with the fire
our hearts erupt into.

Each meeting a hope
for life, for learning,
I burrow into the softness
of your skin, like a worm
alive in your darkness.

You call me lover,
you ask me to be mother,
myriad fantasies
pass back and forth
between us.

Today this sky a
curve of blue beginnings.
I take train journeys,
plane journeys, I journey
to find meaning.

Here heaven is infiltrated
people have thrown away
simplicity. Coupling in the night
we pretend to have found
each other ,but wear too many faces.

Our love is coloured lights,
our anger curved scimitar
my mind freezes this.
From my window
flowers hang like earrings.

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