Prose moment

Hands are being held in the corner of the city,
summer waterfalls, ,
will be supple like willow branch
bent to net a dream catcher.

We caught each other with dexterity
intensity bristling the room static,
fallout of past embraces.
I never believed in a God
till I met you scuba diving through my sitting room
not knowing the way to the door.

On auto pilot in restaurants across tables.
I’ve nothing to say to you,
you’ve moved into the background of a dream,
I’ve nothing to give to you ,
I hold the key to you,
you hold the key for me.

Across light years of childhood,
thunderstruck in the cupboard of fear,
watching your fear is liberating.
I never knew there was anyone out there
who knew about terror like I do,
who knew about powerlessness like I do.

I can feel my life floating into bird song
unravelling into intricate connections
where all I have to do is watch the dawn,
listen to the sound of stars falling.

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