Union island

Black night moonlight
the sea a curtain of itself

deep down the volcano grumbles
waiting to bring devastation.

All is flux: no end or beginning
patterns on the water hold our eyes

mesmerised, offering no answers.

Moon at 4 a.m. the rocks loose heat
on the hillside where bare bones of

parched land withers.

The locals tout for tourist money
boats pass and re pass going somewhere

seeking solitude

as I am.

4 thoughts on “Union island

    • Victoria Mosley says:

      Actually Union Island is in the Grenadines and this poem is part of a series I wrote there. One can be alone in a room full of people or indeed in a relationship ………I’m alone but not lonely , but thanks 🙂

      • Mike says:

        You don,t remember me we almost met once..!You were in the Bahamas then if I remember..! I have been reading your poems since that time and have also bought your book ‘moonfisher’ but have yet to read it.Your poems continue to inspire me,difficult to understand at first but they gradually touched my understanding..! Keep on writing as i would greatly miss them if they stopped.!

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