Storm sky

Sea is wild tonight
all lustful waves &
peacock tails of

sound & light.

Moon pokes out to say
her piece she’s full &
fertile like the earth

yet scuds across the war
filled sky anchored here
to you & I.

Yes sea is wild,
winds tears my hair
pulls at my clothes

harbour lights blink
ill at ease as storm
clouds promise to release

the wrath of primal Gods.

Sea is wild yet
you & I lie cocooned
by warmth and need

here now at peace.

The eye of night
has passed us by
we leave the fight

to sea and sky;
together sleep
& dream of sea.

God only knows….

Why would I think
that we could always
stay the same?

The love that’s in my eyes
reflected from the sky,
to you…….

What would I do
if you decided it
could be?

A hand in hand
body’s dreaming symphony
of love again?

Yes I must try
to let you go
cut you from this flesh

trample down my
heart’s wild beating:
a love like ours is terminal

I know there is no cure
or surgery, no radiation’s
core can burn you

from my soul.

You run from me
impossible to stay
impossible to be

the way we were
a burst of pure love’s

like pulsars flaring
in God’s heaven.


Cliff’s a table laid
with grass like seaweed
for a mermaid’s bed
blue blue aqua
turquoise porpoise
seals circling the tide.

Headland locks
to leeward
wind chimes yacht
climbs the swell;
pirate’s tide hides
in caves below us.

Couple’s cruise
the boardwalk
stride in both directions
conjugal pairs matching
habit printed on their

Dream lover

Mysterious and out of sight
an island that we never knew
a sloping field of galloped green
I see you hiding in my dreams.

I take your hand and hear you sigh
watch the fading of your eyes
a laughing mirage running free
your beauty stark and heavenly

you call to me.

Weeks go by I hardly think
of how we were or where you’ve been
& then one night when locked in sleep
I catch you dancing through my dreams

you call for me.



High wire gull flight
chimney pots through rooftops
that hold secrets of other lives
wide azure field of sky
curves open to the sea .

Sun spins light
gossamer threads of gold
trailing skin, while wind whips
my hair rubs the past away
pumice on memory

sanding me whole again.

Dark matter

Sun over water,
fighting demons in my sleep
you hold out both hands like a vessel
trying to pour light through my window
and I try to hear the birdsong,
find flight of swallow
imagine a rose red sunset on my pillow:
but there is no truth over coffee

I trail mind through time’s ripples
to the farthest extensions of the universe
where there is no edge.
Dark matter exists in the flash of a crystal
but we don’t know,
can never guess at 65% of nothing.
We were the only witness
to exponential beauty
colours coalesce across our pinball
fantasy of endings;
we rename our messages in sign language
tune our regrets to a perfect time
that echoes in waves of cold silence
stays locked in cupboards of my mind
as music.


Light plays
on the surface of the leaves
glances off your hair
follows me in dreams.

August turns
waves its hand to summer smiles
a circle of goodbyes
pledges we will keep

following love.

You turn
sadness in your eye
a tremor in your smile
as if to ask me why.

Rain comes
battling through the night
I turn to touch your side
but you’re not there.

Light plays
another day another year
how they have flown from me
leaving me right here

listening to the breeze
whisper its love song.