The same song

Day follows night
sky hides it’s scars,
you, over there:

& I’m a fossil
of your love,
beautifully petrified.

It’s the same old song
full throttle need,
love dances around corners

always out of reach.

Mornings somersault,
tide line on a beach
driftwood bravely stacked

in some lost winded corner,

& I’m a fragment
of your smile,
the corner where my tongue

impregnates your lips
to semaphore all of this
without speaking.

All the waiting makes me scream
huge boils appear on gilded flesh
running sores from the breath we

inhale, exhale,

but the night spins on to day
a whirlwind of lost time, &
beyond all thoughts of this,

just you and I.

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