Sea rough as hell
waves sent to silence
drag us deep to a watery land
where the octopus sleeps.

Out in the estuary World War
sentinels stand like giant insects
scanning the sky empty now as
tankers roll by & dolphins jitter.

We’re lost in the wind falling from
land to sea & the sails batter me
tack and jive through morning high tide
we skip past sea cables.

The moon smirks down behind wisps
of dawn & sun sneaks out betwixt judder
of hull as we heel hard to wind water
pouring on deck breaking through

to drench us.


Sea is green jade flat
to saucer of horizon
undulating pulse of planet
tide trims till storm shakes
surface to brittle jet.

Beach fine sand speckled
white crumbled cliff & skull
of sea creatures crack underfoot
as the thunder bickers rain bands
vertical illusion of God’s curtain.

Sand fills my eardrums
shush shush secrets of
the lives its watched walk
these wide white cliffs

Lovers and suicides collide
in cellular memory morphic
resonance of yesterday stamped
in stone and shingle lulled to nothing

by the shush shush tide &
the colours turning.