Only human

You’re calling me
intent on holding hard
the core you cannot see ,

bright beeches glisten
earth explodes in springtime treasure
river’s stillness combing morning light

and you’re asking me to meet you deep in hallowed night
where the angels cry their pleasure .

Secrets we have never shared
darkened shadows mute and rubbed
but never once caressed by countless lovers gasps ,

you’ve seen your Self in midday sun
reflected in my darkened eyes
and you knew I was the one .

Soft seducing words to rock my vows
as I drop my stone whole hearted in another’s pool,
you’re terrified to hear the chant of wedding bells

that we once knew .

Crow cries out his warning
as you wax my dreams with rich creamed promise ,
but you know the chance has flown

to ride the wind , search out where we’ve sinned
unite in honest freedom let our bodies sing ,

for this time darling, we are only human .

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