Not again……..

Love trips us
slides beneath tight skin
shoves us sprawling on the pavement
pupils bright in concussed eye
we scan the newly vacant sky
bewailing our own inadequacies .

What is that glance that seals the contract
turns Queen to harem slave
knocks six foot hunk to snivelling boy
tears up all our smart hatched plans
leaves us blowing bubble mouthed
at another dead end wall ?

Love rips through cultures essence
has wise man snuffling painted fool
hangs happy in imbalance
each face and body superimposed
there’s always one who loves too much
one whose heart grows cold .

Nothing new we coin between us
it’s all been said and done before
but we live in hope of some super stroke
that will whitewash our delusions,
till we’re vac packed in cocoon bliss .

Like the alcoholic with his wine
the world is grasped through a strangers thighs
there’s no escaping hangover time
with a quintessential twelve point plan
for I was born woman and I’m looking for a man

to hold my hand .

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