As for you

Earth returns to earth
sun arcs open sky
land lost in flat curves
plagued with rauque voices
sleeps a child’s fever.

As for you
renewing faith in freedom
summer gardens, soft silence
last chances;

as for you
who holds me hard in moving current
arms locked, hearts breathing
re-invents the lost reason,
here I cry these errant phrases
just for you.

It’s just the same love story
badly written found anointing crystal mornings
two beats, two bodies rapt emotion
mind recoils from trembling love songs,
distant hillsides, phantom futures:

as for you,
of all the problems ever chosen,
soul exiges perfect endings
dark and swollen, carved in colour
humming feelings;

as for you
who came from nowhere
brought such blessings
handed back the lost reason,

today I talked in lovers clichés
today I walked with angels kisses
today I knew what I’d been missing
today I cried these errant pages,

just for you.

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