You stand behind

You stand behind, like a painting
an unfinished canvas to lay my
stroke on.

We swop attitudes, exchange kisses
burned by lack of time, the drumming
of the night.

A communion of opposites, holy wafer
red blood’s hidden dregs in core of sacred

Nourished by the presence of you, taut
in summer air, riding the hook of a crescent

We wait for consummation, our fingers turned
to liquid and our tongues melting in the space
between meetings.

Pretty boys make passes, countries rise
and fall behind the effigy of my smile as
I think of you..

I’ve lost time in dark corners where the
pendulum swings, you’ve walked in blinded
alleys where the dogs bark.

This is a summer ecstasy, things are not
made without desire, and this desire has burst :
leaving us gasping.

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