Recalcitrant lover .

Night lies luminescent
moon ponds her orange orb
lane twists beyond moor’s brown band
body functions doggedly,

but there is no me .

Sweep dull dust of every day
check for splinters, zip tight years
that lie between our grasp of reality
measure the gap you offer me ,

I’m in retreat .

Sunlight strums her harshness
exposing marks on fading faces
beauty frail as lovers gasp
complete in dying moment,

as we pull apart.

You rocked me with your open heart
poured fresh balm to
staunch dark blood,
lifted me to blazing peak ,

I’m no longer free.

Revolving shadows flex my thoughts
your head dark on my pillow
comfort of your body’s glow
depth of hope you’ve brought to me ,

now I’m loathe to let you go .

I’ve burnt with brilliant candour
ricochet with truth’s desire
my wit has launched a thousand ships
yet you’ve made me doubt that God exists ,

but in my dreams we fly .

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