The last horizon

Sophistry speaks with bitter pill
implies undignified surrender,
my starfish swims in muddy sea
lies on windswept shore to shrivel

we birthed these children honestly
quibble now at everyday ,
these games you play
leave radiant bubbles brittle .

Acquiescent sleep creeps near in gentle waves
to numb great hurt that stumbles from your lips ,
“If I’m all this “
the sum of your incise eclipse shadows noonday sun
& leaves me breathless.

The narrow land has opened to sea spit
encases lost horizon as I stand tall on your bluff,
hard words that gather in mind’s dust
cigarettes engorged in stagnant coffee cups .

Sacrificial nights are tearing at my guts
& crucifix held high in meditations denseness
the only hope I ply to form the formless future
where the graceful seabirds fly silver breasted
into calmer waters ,

hoping peace might come:

release the scum we’ve left
around our children’s heads,

& catch your grey green eyes again.

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