Last page poem

I’ve a drawer full of promises
you made to me.
Sequin edged cards
that glow in the dark,
emails gold tinged
from the ends of the earth.
I’ve a hole in my heart
where your words have engrained
the seed of you.

I’ve silver tipped pearls
and amethyst pledged
with the feel of your skin:
your eyes that caught mine
from the edge of a room.
Games that we played
are lost to us now
with the sweat that we shared
and the death of you.

I challenged the stars
and searched for a truth
to fit with your words
a place we both knew
the song of first bird,
your hand neat in mine:
simple requests that you would
be there the time that it takes
to rebuild a life.

I’ve a drawer full of promises
you made to me: a watch from Karachi
a goose downed duvet
that keeps me warm for you.
A head full of memories
a hole in my heart
as big as the moon
where the seeds of your love
are engrained in me.

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