Helen’s song

You want, the sunshine to paint rainbows
on a polished floor
you want, heaven neatly packaged
from a summer storm
a space to lick your nightmares
infinity arranged somehow in human form

a mirror for your ecstasy
an interstellar highway
bought without the cost
& so much more.

I am the face that broke a thousand hearts
without a thought
a Helen watching armies marching past my door
a catalyst I offer gifts you’ve long been searching for
but I’ll take you high,
too far I fear from the safe and warm.

I love the twilight, open night, the river’s call
the soft breath of my sleeping son
fever in a lover’s eyes disputes round an open fire
hands that hold with fingers intertwined
you see I need it all.

There is no answer to the riddle snaking at your feet
I’m no Desdemona honey, nor is she
but remember in your early mornings there is always me
& I am free at last from bondage baby,

to just be me.

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