Snowstorms in June

apple blossom in January

curve of a morning song,


Our sadness chimes with

fervour of Cathedral bells.


Your mouth tastes

of tobacco

raw from the fields,


your down covered body

some swirling sea creature

laid to rest on my shoulder.


We’re not made for other people,

with their murmurings and climaxes

they leave us bemused with their idiocy.


It’s a question of allowance

breaking mental chains that bind us.


We are poets and nothing else matters

nothing except the clime of the verb

punctuated with kisses.




Tick tock

All along the river light plays on broken bottles

swayed by the rising of tides, the falling of hearts,

we sit sipping ice cold drinks watching the clock tick

time back to us.


We are mirror thin spectres of humanity

your blue eyes flecked with green

and your brain spread across the sky from opium nights,

was I  ever even in your dreams?


It looks like summer outside and each time

I come close to love, a little piece of me dies,

for you walked into the evening spreading  ‘if’s’  and  ‘buts’

as you emptied your pockets of  bits of us.


The wind weaves her spells into the dusk

the sunset’s slashed across the elliptic like a lover’s smile,

it’s hard to place a stamp on this: the love you wouldn’t try

for you knew that  I was always sure to run,


and you were always bound to fly.

Secret lover

That moment between sleep and waking,

when limbs lie heavy sinking into stone wall




Where I can float on unseen currents of air,

find you standing without misconceptions.


That moment between life and love

when the heart stretches to open,


when passion flies in like a golden eagle,

with the sun  flaming its wings.


Each time I see you it’s the same

that huge unseen force that empties out the room,


I devoid of oxygen am gasping like a fish

on your outstretched hand.


Lovers mingle at the corner of the street

traffic noises whirr inside our lives, but, you and I adrift,


an unknown sea of stars collide at corners of the bar

where neither one can speak, of the love we feel.

Nusa dua (Bali)

When beach empties of
Italian beauties and the sea
trembles glower grey,
when the women sit on prayer mat
with offerings of flowers food and incense:
and the fishermen standing thigh high in undulating
coral water, unlock their floats, place catch in
basket: a butterfly moves from fronded branch
a light rain falls, then all returns to calm.
Here the sand a palette of crushed coral
and the dogs are digging at some deep hidden fodder
with the children playing naked
in salt water and far out beyond the reef
the breakers glitter, tossed white water
it’s only then, that paradise begins to breathe.


Perigee moon flames above
chimney pots & seagull’s nest
hangs immobile in hazy sky
light lingers long tonight
mid – summer solstice.

Somewhere out there
the druids dance & chant
their earthly invocations.

This moon brings endings:
conclusion tumbles like
the grains of sand that
grind my sea soaked boots

whole & perfect endings
though they aren’t
what you suppose.

Bones shatter & the moonlight
floods the a.m. street,
it’s the time of fuddled dreams
as all we thought we ought to own
falls away in early morning flickers.

Now rain has flushed the light away
old magic disappears in muddy puddle
& you & I wait out the years
until next time the angel’s call.

Falling away

There’s only so much time to breathe
each shallow day a breath lost
there’s only so many miles of loving
where my hearts a wisp’d flower;
once there was a time for decisions and revisions
but now there’s only time for make believe.

I feel a falling away in the twilight
I feel a falling away from the wanting

your voice no longer echoes,
my dreams are mine to spin alone,

I feel a falling away in the twilight
the distance between red rimmed pleasure
and the place where you’re waiting.

There’s silence in the ebb and flow
my skin’s papyrus thin marked with
a collage of ripped emotion
brushed into vibrant messages,
you can tune in on a clear night
hear the universe laugh to itself
as we gesticulate incomprehension
learn quantum physics from six year olds.

I feel a falling away in the twilight
between the shadows death flickers
calls with soft promises,

steers the helm of unfoldment
steals my breath away.


In that space
where your body in my
body becomes divine.

In the time it takes
to kiss, caress find more
or less

the interface of spirit.

Nothing to assess
as pivot of pleasure
grinds to the core.

Our love lies hidden
in the constellations
I breathe in

you breathe me out.

Words make no sense
language can’t define
the falling away of everyday

in the simplicity of this,
that began as single kiss
& lingers in eternity.

Kissing gate

A paper trail of lost dreams
a kissing gate that bears our names
entwined in ivy sealed with rain.

A lifetime’s shards of broken hearts
transforms & shimmers stained glass
a whispered prayer remembered song

a teenage kiss & oh the longing
of forbidden nights.

All of these are packaged here
blessed with a mermaid’s kiss
for an unknown meeting by the sea

when you came for me.

My horses

In my dream
my horses came
fields of them
just the same.

My chestnut mare
with the flaxen mane
all standing in line
at the apple tree gate.

In my dream
my world was young
two wild fox cubs
the hum of swallows
in the gabled barn.

In this dream
my horses came
there was no sadness
there was no blame

& life became
like my younger self
by the apple gate
in a land gone by

where they wait for me.

June: Pegwell

Storm clouds bruise over marsh water
the sea the sea strokes white cliff
transient silver in that second

before the wind rips it.

Out on the marsh the sea birds bicker
over nest building egg watching
the dog startles a hare huge and mythic

in its flight from us.

Yacht flaps jib sail on the horizon
& the light bends over the teacup rim
a distant rainbow as the rain descends:

another wet warm English summer.