Tick tock

All along the river light plays on broken bottles

swayed by the rising of tides, the falling of hearts,

we sit sipping ice cold drinks watching the clock tick

time back to us.


We are mirror thin spectres of humanity

your blue eyes flecked with green

and your brain spread across the sky from opium nights,

was I  ever even in your dreams?


It looks like summer outside and each time

I come close to love, a little piece of me dies,

for you walked into the evening spreading  ‘if’s’  and  ‘buts’

as you emptied your pockets of  bits of us.


The wind weaves her spells into the dusk

the sunset’s slashed across the elliptic like a lover’s smile,

it’s hard to place a stamp on this: the love you wouldn’t try

for you knew that  I was always sure to run,


and you were always bound to fly.

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