Tangled up in me


Was a big blue moon last evening

just hanging over sea

there’s a big old ache inside me,

that nothing seems to ease


I want to hold you close now

whisper moonbeams in your ear

for you’ve told me that you need me

that love is nearly here.


When the night moves on serenely

across the blackened sky,

when you’re lying here beside me

I can hear your secret sighs.


So darlin’ don’t be lonely

for as far as I can see,

the morning soon is dawning

& your hand in mine will be.


Our hearts will open slowly

this love has come  alive

yes the time is here to own this

just shout it from the trees


‘’I love you’’‘s not a whisper

it’s a song on every breeze

for your strength has made me whole again

& our autograph will be……….


‘’She loved him through the winter storms

        & in the summer’s ease’’.


For you’re tangled in my story

& I’m tangled up in you

yes you tangled in my story

when you tangled up in me.

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