The Absinthe drinker

Florence face




The evening breaks, shards of brittle hopes

room gyrate’s, waving bottles, searching hands,

drums inscribe a mating ritual

eyes glaze in alcoholic haze

& I like smoke in smokeless zone ,

glide deride and disappear.


Glances catch and hold

for see through seconds

mouths mime snake-like words

that turn upon themselves

& desperation stalks the tinsel’d surface

asking for an owner .


Lothario like you weave your web

attach me to your crucifix

pinion me on black velvet

watch my colours stretch and throb,

gambling on an errant hatching

to fleece your open arms .


Decency is who you pledge to be,

‘’a no agenda, want to guide you

worn the tee-shirt know your problems

let me help you friend;’’

we spar and jar like clumsy jouster

you say you’re trading words


but I know all you want is me .


Absinthe spurts hallucinogenic flame

the night girls loll in stockinged legs;

wrong  time , wrong place , wrong body,

wise wounds tight taped to breathe again

& I like smoke in smokeless zone

blow rings to circumvent your pain .



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