Let it be

Picture 004



Let it be,

don’t pick the bones

so clean

there was magic somewhere there

stars were in your eyes

you personified a dream

I was always meant to fly

out of sight.


Let it be,

don’t fling us to the ground

don’t sully

what we have often been

a hand to hold,

a voice in lonely night,

a meaning so profound

we lost it.


Can’t you see

mortality’s a hollow coil

illusionary themes

have brought us  to our knees

explanations stutter

leave us snarling

face to face

still failing.


Let it be,

rawness rubbed with salt

is aching,

nothing  you or I can ever say

will take away  the joy

of knowing you again:

but now we’ve turned and walked away

infinity plays her rabid games,


with our hearts.


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