Out of control







Out of control

adrenaline fizz, I have

to drink my way

to the other side of you.


I hold you

like a crucible like a cross

like a communion wafer

melting between tongue and teeth.


It is a beginning,

I can look for signs, portents

I can make you up, or

deal open handed with reality.


I think you are interesting

you are fascinated by me

we slip away from body’s song

from getting wet and dirty.


Three hours away

you slumber, and there is

a glacier between us:

you iridesce in corners


watching for neutrons;


I lick my wounds like a fox

screaming at uncertainty

prowling the neighbourhood

for signs of you.


I want to make you mean something

I want this to be huge

I create a cinema for us to star in,

the dragon lurks mesmerised by my power.


I take pieces of you

extract your smell from fingernails.

three hours away you slumber,

while I recover,


moment by moment.




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