Sun day

Sea soaks sun seekers

spread inert across a swept sand.


Day debris of sun hats and gritty

sandwiches: hair lifts slapping


on onshore breeze, sky infinity

of blue unformed moments


connecting consciousness

of choice.


Way over there dolphin play

access to the infinite


down deeper mermen sleep

calling out to me


calling out to me.


Old friends leave

It’s that time of year

a change  in our belief, a knowledge

this won’t last forever.


I feel the future form

different redefined

full of dreams we tried to have

so many years ago.


I listen to your songs

richer now than ever

your voice a velvet throb

songs of love & love’s bold treasure.


Yes, I listen to your songs

fill the big house

bouncing from the walls

you’ve laughed & cried over


& the children all grown strong

hold hands for a tomorrow

we will never see: while old friends

leave picture postcard faces


their scars on you & me.


I listen to your songs

their wave of loss & leaps

here, a pocketful of bliss

there, a love so deep earth


could never hold it.

It flew away to God,

escaped on gossamer wings,

& left you singing for us.