Cosmic hush

It’s as if words might erase

the deep hush of the universe,

that infinite land of space where eternity

is the imperceptible movement of an unborn child,

you are calling gently through the corridors of time

to lie with me;


I have answered with a kiss.


Did we miss each others footsteps

at the crossroads of some ancient shrine?

Did we look for safe solutions in our other lovers eyes?

Have we strength to hold the morning

in the afternoon and evening, of our complicated lives

watch the shadows gather.


I want to wrap you in a riddle

where only I can conjugate the rhyme

release you to the four winds, hear the eagle’s cry

on a China sea where the typhoon’s roar’s returned to silence:

here, the blossom flakes fragile for a spring instant

and a cold wind bites the weary sun.



It’s as if you have stilled

the angry torrent, trapped the songbird

lanced immensity of yearning, with a quilt of humanity

these things are hard to hide or quantify:

you have walked with grace and understanding

through the corridors of time;


and I have answered with a kiss



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